4-3-2015 16:41

To register with millenniumbcp.pt you require:
  • To be the holder of a Current Account in Millennium bcp
  • To have one of the following codes:
    • Multichannel
    • Telephone answering service
If this is your case fill in the form below.

If you do not have any of these codes yet you can get them in any branch of Millennium bcp or you can go to an Automatic Teller Machine and select in "Other Operations" the option "Internet Registration". In case your residence is abroad click here.

If You already have a User Code and Multichannel code. click here to accede to your accounts.

 Choose the User Code you want:
Your User Code:   
(6 to 20 characters; exemple: jsilva01)
 enter your e-mail, the bank and your account with Millennium bcp:
e-mail: @
Bank:      Account number: 
 And enter one of the following codes:
Multichannel Access or Telephone answering service
Code:      Confirm code: 
 I accept the General Conditions of Use of the Telephone, Internet and SMS channels.
If you need help, click here.