Security >10 recommendations... accessing the Millennium bcp Portal

10 recommendations...
... accessing the Millennium bcp Portal

1 Never access the Millennium bcp Portal through links. Always type in the full address;
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2 Don't trust any electronic message supposedly from Millennium bcp asking for information of a personal and/or confidential nature, such as password, identity card number, confirmation key, etc. Millennium bcp NEVER asks its customers for information of this sort by e-mail or by any other means;
3 Be wary if you receive an e-mail message asking you to access the Millennium bcp site via a link! E-mail messages sent by Millennium bcp never contain links or any software for immediate installation;
4 Whenever you access your bank accounts through the Millennium bcp Portal, check that the address begins with and that a padlock is shown in the lower right corner;
https Cadeado

In case of doubt confirm the origin of the Digital Certificate - double click on the padlock - to check that it corresponds to Millennium bcp;

6 Don't use obvious passwords (12345; 111111; date of birth; etc) to access Millennium bcp homebanking;
7 Define unique Access Codes (passwords, username, etc.) for the Millennium bcp Portal and don't use them on other sites;
8 If you suspect that the Access Codes used to access Millennium bcp might be compromised, don't hesitate - change them or ask the telephone service to block them;
9 Always read our Newsletters and the information we provide on security. If you would like to see a security issue addressed in our Newsletter send us your suggestion;
10 If you have any doubt or need advice please contact us by e-mail or by telephone: 707 50 24 24.
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