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Cash and Trade Services
Millennium bcp is a direct member of the EPC (European Payments Council) and is active on the SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme (SEPA CT).

Millennium Portugal is also a member of the Euro Banking Association (EBA): Euro Clearing House and a Direct Participant on TARGET2

Representative Services for Indirect Participants on SEPA CT and TARGET2 are available for Financial Institutions.

The range of Cash and Trade services consists of the following products and services:

Cash Services
- Account Opening in Euros and Other currencies
- Reporting Services
- Cheque Drawing
- Cash Letter
- Pooling / Cash Management
- Interbank Payments
- Commercial Payments
- Pension Payments
- Remittances
- Long Term Deposits

To obtain detailed product information, please contact your Relationship Manager (See list of Contacts) or e-mail dint@millenniumbcp.pt

Trade Services
- Clean Collections & Documentary Collections
- Documentary Credits (L/C's)
- Guarantees and Avals
- Trade Finance
- Cash Management for Corporates
- Domestic and International Factoring

To obtain detailed product information, please contact your relationship manager (See list of Contacts) or e-mail dint@millenniumbcp.pt

Relevant Links
European Central Bank
European Payments Council
Euro Banking Association

Treasury Activity is also available for Financial Institutions on the following areas:
- Money Market - Foreign Exchange - Derivatives -

Dealing Codes Reuters: MM - BCPZ / FX - BCPX


Customer Service for Cash & Trade Services

Highly qualified staff is dedicated to promptly assist our Clients.
Our commitment is a relationship based on trust, accuracy and efficiency.

Please address your queries to the following email address: csi@millenniumbcp.pt

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